Christmas Jewelry Gift Buying Guide

Luxury jewelry's glittering opulence is a perfect addition to the holiday season, with unique jewelry options available for nearly anyone on your list. Below, we’ll explain why and how to purchase luxury jewelry for Christmas this holiday gift-buying season.

Why Luxury Jewelry Is a Great Christmas Gift

Gifting jewelry for the holidays is a perfect way to express your affection and admiration for your loved ones. At Ylang 23, we believe that designer jewelry is more than just a gift — an enduring expression of love and admiration. Gift a long-lasting wearable treasure for your loved one, and it may just go on to become a family heirloom.

Holiday jewelry as a Christmas gift ticks all the boxes. Our hand-selected, designer pieces are not just accessories but deeply personal, thoughtfully curated statements of affection and style. We have styles and options to fit nearly any taste or preference. With some thought and effort, you can select a jewelry gift that matches your loved one’s personality and style.

Tips for Finding the Best Christmas Jewelry Gift

With so many excellent choices, there will surely be a perfect jewelry gift for anyone on your list. The most important thing to remember is choosing jewelry that matches your gift recipient's style and preferences. That means you should observe the pieces they wear daily and those they reserve for special events. Trust us; we can elevate your Christmas gift from an accessory to an unforgettable masterpiece.

Use Existing Jewelry Pieces As Inspiration

Carefully consider the jewelry your giftee likes and wears often. Do they prefer yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or a mix of metals? Do they have a favorite gemstone or color they love wearing? Are they fond of sophisticated, elegant pieces or trendy, fun looks? 

Another great option is to find a piece that seems missing from their collection. Choose a pair of Christmas gift earrings to match their favorite bracelet or a layering necklace that would fit perfectly with others they wear every day.

Match Their Taste & Style

Draw inspiration from your giftee’s taste and style outside of jewelry. Every person on your gift list has a unique look, style, and personality. The gifts you give should reflect this. Here are a few Christmas jewelry ideas to help you get started.

  • If your recipient tends to dress in classic styles, look for options with timeless appeal.

  • If they’re into minimalist living, look for simple but stylish pieces. Remember, for the minimalists in your life, less is more!

  • For someone who loves earthy looks, consider polished stones with natural allure.

  • For someone who loves glitz and glamour, sparkling gemstones will dazzle!

  • If a color in their wardrobe always gets them compliments, look for pieces that reflect that shade.

  • If they love to surround themselves with inspirational quotes, consider a piece with an inspiring message. You could also engrave a meaningful message onto your gift.

  • Think of their hobbies — For someone who loves to garden, look for a floral or leafy theme. If they love spending time at the beach, mother-of-pearl or ocean blue hues can be fun themes.

  • If they have a cause close to their heart, look for jewelry that somehow reflects it. Examples include rainbow pieces for LGBTQ+ rights, pink gemstones, and rose gold for breast cancer awareness.

Of course, there are many other styles, themes, and concepts that you might seize on to help you pick the perfect Christmas fine jewelry. If you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our team are experts on our carefully curated designer collection, and we’d love to help you select the right holiday gifts for each person in your life.

Create a Personalized Jewelry Piece With Meaning

If you want something truly original to place under the tree, a one-of-a-kind personalized piece can’t be beat. Custom-designed jewelry is a timeless gift they will cherish for years to come. With the help of our expert concierge service, curating the perfect, personalized fine jewelry becomes an experience as distinctive as the piece itself.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can transform something sentimental into something sensational? Sometimes, the best jewelry for Christmas is old jewelry made new. Create a new setting for a gemstone you’ve had for years, resize a family ring, or create a pair of earrings from a heirloom bracelet. Our concierge services have the connections to make all your Christmas gift jewelry dreams come true.

At Ylang 23, we’re happy to help you connect with one of our designers to create a piece that will wow. We’ve taken the time to build relationships with each of our designers and can point you toward one whose look, style, and personality will be a perfect fit. Be sure to get started early to allow plenty of time to breathe life into your special creation. 

If you don’t have time to design a piece from scratch, consider consulting our concierge team. We can connect you to a designer who will add a special message to your gift. Again, this will take some time, though not as long as design services, so plan ahead. We recommend some advance notice to ensure your gift is ready for Christmas. If you’re short on time, our Concierge team will work with you to see if we can meet your timeline

Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

There’s no need to stress over holiday gifting! We want to bring joy to your Christmas shopping by making your gift purchases a breeze. Our curated collection features fine jewelry made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. These pieces are made from precious materials that will stand the test of time. Every item we offer features designer elements and top-quality construction. 

Yet, with such a large selection of delightful jewelry pieces, you may wonder where to start. Here are some ideas to help you select the perfect Christmas gift for each of your loved ones this year. Select from our extensive catalog, and consider adding a Ylang 23 gift card as a stocking stuffer!

Next, check out our New Arrivals page for a curated look at some of the hottest trends alongside timeless looks that anyone would love. We carefully select designers whose work meets exacting standards so you can be sure that every piece is giftable and luxe. 

Popular Types of Jewelry for Christmas

Year after year, certain jewelry gifts top Christmas wish lists. Regardless of season or trends, one popular gift is diamonds. These precious stones symbolize love and commitment and are a favorite for romantic and sentimental gifts. Consider diamond earrings for your special someone or a diamond bracelet for Mom. 

Pendant necklaces are among the best Christmas jewelry gifts for nearly anyone on your list. Pendants are incredibly versatile and offer many colors, themes, and styles, so there’s sure to be an option to please anyone you might be buying for. Pick a pendant with special meaning to your relationship to make this a truly personal gift. 

Season Jewelry Trends

There are several jewelry trends you might consider as you do your holiday shopping. Here are some of the season's hottest looks:

  • Mixed metals — Mixing gold colors is a big trend, offering plenty of versatility and appeal. Look for pieces that blend yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold together. Find a bracelet that can be mixed & matched with a statement piece.

  • Chunky chains — Chunky chains are a style sensation this season. Consider options from designers like FoundRae or Marla Aaron, both masters of this look. 

  • Jewel tones — Richly colored gemstones are always a hit for gifting. Glittering rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst, and other gemstones with strong coloring add their vibrant hues to your festive jewelry gifting experience.

  • Statement earrings — One of the top looks for jewelry Christmas gifts is statement earrings. Large, eye-catching earrings frame the face beautifully and add dramatic flair to any style.

Choose a Designer Collection

Another option is to select a collection from a designer your recipient loves or one that reflects their style. Here are a few collections you might consider:

  • Cathy Waterman’s collection is rooted in her love for travel and brimming with beauty. If you’re shopping for someone with a wanderlust, her pieces are an ideal option. Each piece displays a romance and optimism that we adore.

  • Jewelry from Irene Neuwirth displays imagination and heart in full color. Her designs are perfect for the free spirit in your life. Each piece reflects an appreciation for natural beauty in vibrant colors and stunning craftsmanship.

  • Maria Tash earrings are raw and edgy, with genderless appeal. This collection is designed for someone who values self-expression and isn’t afraid to shine. Her earrings are sold as singles, so it is easy to mix and match and create a curated look for anyone. Choose a few individual Christmas jewelry pieces to be worn together, or pick individual options to wear alone.

  • Our curated collection from Suzanne Kalan is full of timeless trends. Each piece is created with heirloom quality in mind. When you’re buying a gift for someone with classic style, this is the collection to see.  

Once you find the right designer, you can return to their collection for future gifts for the same person, creating a cohesive jewelry wardrobe over time.

How to Find Jewelry for All Your Loved Ones

No matter who the gift is for, Ylang 23 has a designer jewelry option for everyone on your list. From splurge-worthy showstoppers to small gestures of affection, our designer jewelry gifts are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

Jewelry for Your Partner

When giving a romantic gift, you want to shop for wow pieces that will truly stand out. Diamonds are always a classic choice, weaving a tale of love and forever. Other gemstones can be equally appreciated, especially when they’re a favorite stone or color. Finally, large statement pieces are excellent options, particularly for the lifelong jewelry collector who is looking for unique and fresh pieces to add to their collection. They are perfect for the lifelong jewelry collector who is looking for unique and fresh pieces to add to their collection.

Jewelry for Your Parents 

If you want to gift jewelry to your parents this Christmas, consider a meaningful jewelry gift. Choose birthstone jewelry that celebrates a family connection, including your birthstone and that of your siblings as well. Or consider personalizing pieces with an engraved message of love. This is a way for your parents to always have a tangible reminder of your affection, even if you’re far away.

Jewelry for Your Children 

If you’re selecting jewelry pieces for your children, you want durable, lasting options. For young ones, consider starting their jewelry collection with timeless pieces they can wear forever. Consider presenting these pieces with a Christmas jewelry box, if they don’t yet have a place to store their wearable treasures.

Children will appreciate the timeless appeal of solid gold. Consider reworking older, sentimental pieces that have been in the family for generations to give them new life. 

Ylang 23 Concierge Services

At Ylang 23, we want to make your Christmas gift-shopping experience as effortless and joyful as possible. Stop into our Dallas location, and we'll be happy to help you select the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Or shop online to enjoy free shipping on all of your favorites. We’d also be happy to offer complimentary gift wrap for your purchases to ensure a perfect presentation every time.  

Whether you’re local or visiting us online, we’d love to help with your jewelry-related services. We can help by reworking beloved family pieces or helping you find the right designer to create a custom look. We also offer professional jewelry cleaning and repairs. You might even choose to repurpose an existing jewelry piece as a gift, bringing new life to those pieces your loved one hasn’t worn in years!