Embarking on your luxury jewelry journey? Fear not, here at Ylang 23 we will make it an easy and fun experience! We offer a curated collection of stylish fine jewelry from top designers. We’d love to help you begin your collection.

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Identify Your Style

The first thing to consider when starting a jewelry collection is your sense of style. Jewelry should always reflect its wearer's look, style, and personality, so take some time to think about these factors. 

Understand Your Aesthetics

Do you regularly attend formal events full of glitz and glamour where everyone is dripping with glittering gemstones? Or is your life more suited to wearable treasures full of charm and elegance? Your style may be raw and edgy or sentimental and nostalgic.

Take the time to think about the places you go and the clothes you wear. Is there a particular color scheme that stands out? Does your wardrobe include all the latest trends, or are you more fond of sophisticated looks that stand the test of time? 

Buy a Jewelry Piece You Can Wear Every Day

A collection typically starts with a single piece; the first item you purchase can set the tone for the rest. Start with a foundational piece that you can wear daily. In that case, we recommend you start your jewelry collection with one of our designer rings. Rings are incredibly versatile, and a good quality ring is something you can wear all day, every day, regardless of the occasion or setting.

Pick a Timeless Piece You Can Pair and Wear With Others

Remember, you want the first piece to set the stage for the rest of your collection. You’ll need something that stands independently and can easily blend with other pieces. Look for timeless trends that will still be in fashion decades from now. 

Diamond rings are a great way to start your jewelry collection. You may typically think of them as engagement rings, but many diverse options are available. We offer everything from dainty diamond-covered bands to over-the-top statement rings.

Find the Right Color For You

As you consider your jewelry collection's direction, carefully consider what colors you love wearing.

Choose the Metal Color You Love

Metal colors are an excellent place to start when thinking about the hues you wear. Yellow gold is a classic and an ideal place to start. White gold is equally versatile, and rose gold is a delicate and worthy option. Try a few options in each metal type against your skin and see which looks best on you. Then, find a bracelet to start your jewelry collection in your chosen metal tone.

Embrace the Hue of Jewels

No matter what type of colors you love, you’re sure to find a jewel to match. If your favorite palette is cool colors, consider jewelry featuring emeralds, sapphires, and aquamarine. If your wardrobe features warmer tones, think about rubies, garnets, or citrine. If you’re wild about pastels, opal and mother of pearl may bring a smile to your face. Those who favor black may prefer onyx and black agate pieces. Once smitten, kick off your curated collection with a bracelet that’s not just a piece of jewelry but a piece of you.

Think About Mixing & Matching Your Metal Colors

The joy of curating your high-end jewelry collection lies in its boundless possibilities. Forget about hard and fast rules; this is your canvas for creativity! Don’t feel constrained by the metal color you selected. Instead, look for ways to mix and match metal colors to create a unique look that is all your own! 

The same goes for gemstones — you don’t have to stick with one gem tone or color family. You may prefer different gems for different occasions or select pieces that combine many colors. Also, pieces like diamond necklaces easily pair with other gemstones. 

Start With Basic Jewelry Pieces

Laying the Foundation for Your Jewelry Collection

When you’re first starting, you want essential, everyday pieces that will create a foundation. Studs, hoop earrings, short and long necklaces, bracelets, and layered rings are all great starter pieces. Make sure you have one or two items from each of these categories to get yourself started. 

How to Grow Your Jewelry Collection

Once you have a foundation laid, it's time to build on it. You've chosen some basic hoops and stud earrings, but now is a great time to add different-sized hoops, studs in various colors or shapes, and maybe some chandelier earrings. You chose a few necklaces of different lengths, but consider adding beads, chokers, and pendants. Look for pieces that will wear well with others in your collection, and add in any jewelry types you find you're missing. Before long, you’ll have a jewelry collection that is brimming with beauty and charm.

Expand to Statement Jewelry Pieces

Go Bold with Statement Pieces

Once you have the basics covered, you should better understand the type of jewelry that works for you. Now it’s time to go big! Statement pieces are bold, eye-catching accessories that draw attention. Everyone should have at least a few statement pieces in their collection. 

How to Blend Your Statement Pieces with Your Foundational Pieces

Be careful about wearing multiple statement pieces together, as these looks are made to shine alone. Instead, pair a statement necklace with simpler, essential pieces. These should serve as a backdrop or complement your statement piece, creating a cohesive look that will turn heads. 

How to Mix and Match Your Jewelry Collection

Once you’ve created a curated collection, it’s time to learn how to blend various pieces to create various looks. Yes, those diamond earrings perfectly match the tennis necklace you purchased, but each piece could also be paired with other jewelry to create new looks authentic to your style. 

There’s no need for every piece of jewelry you wear to match. Some of the most fascinating and fashionable looks are created when we take disparate pieces and blend them. Spend some time playing around with your jewelry, trying on different pieces, and pairing them in ways you never have before. You might just happen upon a signature look you adore!

How to Layer Your Collection of Luxury Jewelry

One of the best ways to have fun with your new jewelry collection is to learn how to layer your favorite pieces. Why limit yourself to one necklace, ring, or bracelet at a time? Instead, combine necklaces of different lengths or stack rings on various fingers (or together on the same finger). We have an excellent guide to layering jewelry to help you learn this delightful art and create unique looks that sing your personality and style.

Take Care of Your Jewelry

Maintenance Essentials

While fine luxury jewelry is designed with precious materials that stand the test of time, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your wearable treasures keep their beauty for generations to come.

Store your jewelry away from chemicals and where the temperature stays fairly steady. Excessive heat or sudden changes in temperature can cause damage, while chemicals can discolor your jewelry. Protect your investment with a good quality jewelry box. It’s also acceptable to store your jewelry in the box it came in. Some prefer to keep a drawer full of individual jewelry boxes to keep each piece separate.

Cleaning your jewelry is delicate work. Be careful when using the latest jewelry-cleaning gadgets as they can sometimes cause damage to delicate pieces. Instead, most gems can be cleaned with warm water, a mild soap that contains no detergents, and a brush with fine, soft bristles. An unused makeup brush is an excellent choice for this purpose. It’s best to use a bowl of soapy water and a bowl of clean water rather than cleaning jewelry over the sink. You don’t want to lose a precious treasure down the drain! 

Routine Maintenance and Inspections

It’s a good idea to regularly check over your jewelry to ensure no damage or deterioration. Carefully inspect it under a magnifier and look for cracks in stones, loose gems, and everything in between. 

Some types of jewelry require special maintenance tasks. Pearls strung on silk, for example, should be restrung when the cord begins to stretch or fray. If your pearls are worn often, this should be about once yearly. 

Hand Down Your Jewelry to Future Generations

The Sentimental Value of Passed Down Jewelry

One of the biggest joys of creating a curated jewelry collection is sharing it with future generations. Perhaps you have a favorite ring or necklace that once belonged to a parent or grandparent. If so, you understand the strong family connection that piece can stir up, every time you wear it. 

Don’t be afraid to pass down pieces to your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. If you have jewelry that you wore regularly in years past but no longer have occasions to put it on, it may be time to allow the next generation to enjoy it. Family heirloom jewelry makes a great gift for major life events such as a sweet 16, graduation, or wedding.

Revamp and Rework Family Jewelry Into New Pieces with Ylang 23

What happens when one generation’s jewelry tastes don’t mesh with the next generation’s preferences? Some choose to simply put the jewelry handed down into storage while others may sell it. A far better option is to rework those pieces into looks that you or your children will appreciate and wear.

Ylang 23 carefully cultivates relationships with each of our designers. We understand their designs and their style, and we would love to pair you with a designer who can help you rework heirloom pieces. They can help you create a piece that will retain those family connections while fitting perfectly into a modern collection. 

Are you trying to buy your first piece of jewelry? Start your luxury jewelry collection with Ylang 23.