How To Layer Necklaces & Bracelets With Style: A Step-By-Step Guide

Layering jewelry is one of the hottest trends around. If you want to get in on this look but aren’t sure how, have no fear! We’ll help you learn how to layer necklaces, bracelets, and more. 

Start with a Foundation or Centerpiece 

If you’re unsure where to start, it’s best to begin with an emotional connection. Pick one of your favorite pieces, or perhaps one with special meaning, and use it as your foundation piece. You’ll then look for other pieces that complement your foundation.

Choose a Dominant Metal Or Mix Metals 

There are two schools of thought when mixing layered jewelry metals. Some people choose to use one metal tone for all their layered pieces. Others blend several metals. So you might pick only white gold layered necklaces, or you might want to layer one rose gold, one white gold, and one yellow gold piece together. 

Balancing Textures 

Just like mixing metals, textures can be blended and mixed. Look for chains with different textures, from dainty looks to chunky links. Braided, cable, herringbone, mesh, and even beaded necklaces can all work together beautifully.

Experiment With Color & Style Combinations 

Again, mix and match colors & styles to your heart’s delight. Mix clear stones with opaque. Blend traditional motifs with playful modern imagery. Pendants, charms, tennis necklaces, and more are all fair game here. The more variety, the better!

Avoid Tangles with a Detangler 

When many people first start layering, they spend all day trying to detangle their look. If you run into this problem, try choosing necklaces of different thicknesses and lengths. Several dainty chains together will be the most likely to tangle, so be sure to mix it up a bit. 

If that doesn’t work, there’s another fix you can try. Connect your chains to a detangler, and you’ll find that they lay much more evenly with no tangles in sight!

Find Your Unique Style 

One of the best things about layering is that it’s a great way to express yourself. You can combine several diverse pieces into something unique to you and your personal style. So have fun with your layering, and make it your own!

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