How to Find the Right Hoop Earring Size

When choosing a pair of hoop earrings, one of the first things to consider is the size you want to wear. Do you envision a subtle adornment that adds just a bit of shimmer? Or are you looking for a bold, statement earring that commands attention from across the room? Let's dive into the world of sizes and styles, ensuring your hoops are as unique and fabulous as you are!

What Size Hoop Earring Should I Get?

Everyone’s ears are different, so finding the right earring size for you is important. 

Start by considering the size of your ear lobes. Consider the distance between your piercing and the edge of your ear lobe. Never try to wear hoops with an internal diameter smaller than this measurement. Along these lines, also consider any other piercings you may have. You don’t want your hoop to knock into your other earrings. Measure the width not only to the edge of your earlobe but to other piercings as well. 

Hoop Earring Size Guide

Hoop earrings range from little huggies that cling to your earlobe, and huge statement hoops that might even touch your shoulders. So the size you get mostly depends on the kind of look you’re going for. Let’s explore what the different hoop sizes might mean for your ensemble:

6.5-8mm: This is the most common size for huggie hoop earrings. 

8.5-20mm: These would be considered small hoop earrings. These are still subtle, but can add an air of elegance to your look. 

20-40mm: This range encompasses medium hoops. These hoops add a boost to your style without getting in your way. 

50mm+: If you want your earrings to be the statement piece of your outfit, go large! These earrings are bold and fun– you’ll be the star of the show!

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Regular Maintenance: Cleaning & Storage Tips

To keep your hoops shining as brightly as your personality, a little TLC goes a long way! Here are some golden tips to ensure your earrings always sparkle and dazzle, just like the first time you laid eyes on them.

To store your treasured hoops, you’ll want an option that will keep them organized. You'll also want to keep them from becoming a tangled mess and protect them from potential damage. Jewelry boxes with spaces designed for hoop earrings or enclosed earring stands are excellent options. Look for options with anti-tarnish lining to keep your precious metals shining bright.

When it’s time to clean your hoops, start by gently polishing them with a soft, lint-free cloth. In most cases, this will be enough to keep your jewelry clean and free of debris. If they are in a particular state of disrepair, you may want to use a cleaning solution on your hoops. First, be sure to research the appropriate cleaners for the specific materials you’re cleaning, as some cleansers may damage delicate jewelry.

The Value of Ylang 23’s Professional Services

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It’s our passion to help our customers have the best jewelry-buying experience possible. If you want help picking out a pair of hoop earrings or want suggestions on pieces to pair with your favorite hoops, we’d love to hear from you!