Choosing the Right Birthday Jewelry Gift

When shopping, keep your gift recipient’s style in mind. Jewelry comes in many different colors, types, and sizes. Your recipient might prefer white gold jewelry over yellow gold. Maybe they like fun, chunky jewelry over slim, sophisticated pieces. Remember their tastes while shopping for their birthday gift. Pick a piece that reminds you of them. 

Like finding the perfect style, you want to ensure you choose the right type of jewelry. Quality is crucial to ensure the gift will stand the test of time. Ylang 23 offers various metals and materials to help create the perfect option.

Gemstones are unique because they add a hint of elegance and a pop of color. The gem chosen could be the recipient’s birthstone or their favorite color. This personalization adds meaning to the gift. 

If you’re buying for someone with a cheery personality, consider Irene Neuwirth’s One-Of-A-Kind collection

If the receiver prefers unusual, standout jewelry, consider the designer Lito, featuring scarabs and painted eyes. 

If you need to stay within a budget, consider our gifts under $500

For those looking to spend a bit more, we also offer gifts under $1,000 and gifts under $2,500

When nothing but the best will do, explore one of our over-the-top gifts they will never forget. 

We have the perfect jewelry gift for any celebration and any budget.

Birthday Jewelry Gifts By Age


A particular gemstone represents each month of the year.

These gems are found in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to fit each person’s unique taste.

January: Garnet

The January birthstone garnet is deep red. This gem represents passion, strength, and positive thinking.

February: Amethyst

February’s birthstone of amethyst is a reflection of power, strength, and healing. It’s a stunning purple stone that was once claimed to promote the intelligence of its wearers. 

March: Aquamarine

The aquamarine birthstone represents the sea and is also known as the “Mermaid Stone.” Its calming blue hue is said to aid with clarity.

April: Diamond

April’s birthstone is diamond, which reflects devotion and light. This precious stone also represents healing, strength, and everlasting love.

May: Emerald

The May birthstone is emerald, representing patience, love, and fortune. This green stone embodies passion while providing a sense of luxury and security.

June: Pearl

The June birthstone is pearl — a dainty classic. This stone represents purity, sincerity, and truth. Some believe it can help maintain balance and calm.

July: Ruby

The July birthstone of ruby represents passion for life, and red is synonymous with love. It has been a staple in royal jewelry and represents wealth and prosperity.

August: Peridot

The August birthstone of peridot is a green, earthy tone representing friendships and connections. The earthy tone is said to bring peace and good fortune.

September: Sapphire

The official birthstone for September is sapphire, a sparkling blue gem representing faith, hope, and wisdom. Some believe that sapphire can provide balance.

October: Opal

October’s birthstone is opal, a milky stone with an iridescent shine. Some believe these stones reflect the moods of their wearers. Explore our opal rings and opal necklaces.

November: Citrine

November's birthstone is citrine, a warm, sparkling yellow stone. It symbolizes happiness and may have a calming effect.

December: Blue Topaz

December’s birthstone is blue topaz. This calming jewel is a symbol of honesty and deep feelings. 

Personalized Birthday Jewelry Gifts

Picking out a birthday gift for someone special can take time and effort. The perfect gift has to include the best features and be an item the person would deeply appreciate.

At Ylang 23, personalization is priceless in our jewelry. Personalizing a birthday gift makes it more memorable since it comes from you, the person giving it. It also reveals how well you truly know the person you’re buying for.

The Ylang 23 website allows you to select everything you’re planning to apply to your piece (color, gemstone, type, etc.), and it will provide jewelry suggestions. 

Consider everything about your special someone when customizing a piece of birthday jewelry. Select based on the receiver’s hobbies, favorite places, colors, and more.

Jewelry Gift Ideas He Deserves

Jewelry as a gift for men is rising in popularity. The trend has recently seen jewelry pieces in men’s fashion. Men’s bracelets, necklaces, and rings make a bold statement in men’s collections.

Gold is a popular choice, and chain bracelets and necklaces are returning. Ylang 23 designer Marla Aaron offers various options in men’s jewelry, as do FoundRae and Dinh Van

Give your father, son, brother, husband, or friend a birthday piece that’s uniquely him — browse our collections for more ideas.

Concierge Services

Ylang 23 offers personalized service, including custom jewelry design. Our experts can help you bring your dream piece to life, from concept to customer satisfaction. We’ll help you select every aspect, from the designer to the color options, sizing, and more. We can even reference pieces from previous seasons through the designers. We wrap each gift by hand and ship the order within a day of receiving the custom piece in-store.

Enjoy your personalized shopping experience by coming to our flagship store in Dallas, TX, for a one-of-a-kind experience. And once you’ve purchased your dream jewels, don’t let that keep you from being a regular. We love our customers and can’t wait to see them back! Bring your pieces in for routine service, cleaning, and even repairs when needed. 

Jewelry can be a profoundly personal gift and, in many cases, one that becomes an heirloom. These unique and heartfelt pieces can mean so much to an individual, so choosing carefully is essential. We also having buying guides available for anniversary gifts & more. Feel free to contact our team with any questions while you are shopping for that perfect birthday gift.