Anniversary gifts can be a challenge. Once a year, a couple pauses to remember that special day when they said, “I do,” and pledged their love to one another. You want to purchase exactly the right gift to express the love you have for your spouse, remind them why they fell in love with you all those years ago, or celebrate a special couple you adore. If you want to ensure you pick the perfect gift, our anniversary jewelry buying guide is an excellent place to start!

A wedding anniversary is a time of renewal, a remembrance of the love that brought two people together in the first place. It can refresh the couple, helping them reconnect and giving them the time to express their devotion. Some may choose to renew their vows. Others throw a big party with their friends and family. Some couples make it an intimate celebration, a romantic date, or a trip that reminds them of the spark that ignited the flames in the first place, but, almost all celebrate by exchanging gifts and heartfelt messages. 

Anniversaries are an essential way to remember events that have deep meaning to us and our loved ones. By commemorating special days, you show that these events have meaning worth remembering. Wedding anniversaries celebrate the relationship's longevity and congratulate the happy couple for their perseverance and connection.

One of the top anniversary gifts is jewelry and many options are available — you’re sure to find the perfect anniversary gift for the occasion and the recipient. A good rule of thumb is the item's value should reflect the anniversary's importance. So if you are getting a gift for your significant other and it’s a major milestone, you should expect to spend far more than you would for a friend’s anniversary.

Purchasing jewelry for an anniversary can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We have helpful tips and tricks to help you get this gift-giving experience right every time. 

Choosing the Right Anniversary Gift

The biggest question most people have when purchasing jewelry for anniversary gifts is, “How do I pick the right piece?” With so many amazing options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and spend hours browsing through gorgeous, sparkling gems and gleaming metals. You may think you need expert help to find the perfect gift, but we have good news. 

More important than being a jewelry expert, the best gifts come from understanding your recipient's taste and style. You could spend a lifetime studying cut, color, clarity, and carats and still completely miss the mark. But spend just a little time studying your loved one and thinking about the relationship you’ve built together, and you have everything you need to know.

What to consider when choosing the right anniversary gift

Choosing the right gift for an anniversary is not as hard as it might appear. No one is as qualified as you to select the perfect jewelry gift to represent your relationship. But it can still feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

There are a few common factors to consider, including the recipient’s personal style, their lifestyle, the occasion, and the gift’s symbolism. You can choose the right gift every time by carefully thinking about these aspects and applying your understanding of your partner to the problem. The more thought and understanding you put into it, the better your gift will be.

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Personal style and lifestyle

First, think about the person who will be wearing the gift. What is their personal style, what type of life do they live, and what type of jewelry do they regularly wear? Here are a few personal style suggestions to get you started:

  • For someone with a classic style, consider something simple and timeless, like a pair of gold hoop earrings

  • For the modern fashionista, you’ll want something sleek and minimalist. Consider a unique rose gold necklace with diamond detailing. 

  • Glam style is all about sparkle and bling and attracting attention. An oversized gemstone ring will be a perfect fit. 

  • If your recipient rocks a more aspirational style, look for a design with some deeper meaning. Something like a zodiac coin charm will suit.

Next, you’ll want to consider your recipient’s lifestyle. What are their passions? How do they spend their time? Here are some suggestions to spark your thought process on this aspect.

  • The collector likes to acquire pieces around a theme or grouping. They may like a specific design such as crosses, a theme like good luck charms, or a type of jewelry, like hoop earrings.

  • The minimalist loves sleek items with few overt details. For this recipient, consider quality over flashy looks. Think about a simple gold bracelet with style for miles.

  • The jewelry maven loves to accessorize and may wear several of their favorite pieces together. Pendant necklaces are a good choice for this lifestyle as they can easily be layered.


Once you understand the person you’re buying for, it’s also essential to consider the occasion. A big milestone anniversary, like 25 years, is worthy of a far grander gift than a smaller anniversary, like three years. Your anniversary gift for your spouse should reflect romance and passion, while an anniversary gift for them from the kids should be lighthearted and sweet.

  • A smaller gesture is typically appropriate for lesser anniversaries and other minor occasions. Look for gifts under $1,000 & gifts under $2,500 that reflect your recipient’s style and lifestyle. 

  • Splurge-worthy gifts over $5,000 are not just for major milestones. Going over the top sends a message that the recipient is very important to you. That said, don’t just choose the most expensive gift you can find — carefully consider everything you know about your loved one and find ways to put special, personal touches into your gift. 

  • There’s nothing wrong with shopping for anniversary gifts by price. Spending a lot is no substitute for thoughtful gifting, and you can find a perfect gift under $500 if that’s your budget.

  • If you’re outside the relationship and giving a jewelry gift to the happy couple, it can be a little trickier. You might consider gender neutral gifts that both can enjoy. 

  • Alternatively, you could get paired gifts, one for each person, which reflect individual tastes while pairing together. This honors their relationship while appreciating them as individuals. A good example would be pairing a chunky chain bracelet and a delicate bangle with the same design elements.

  • When you’re looking for a gift for your spouse “from the kids,” choose something fun and whimsical. A personalized “Mom” piece of jewelry is a great example. Or, let the kids get creative with a kit of colorful beads that they can craft into a beautiful, wearable gift. 

  • Gifts for your wife should be meaningful, romantic, and unique. Find anniversary jewelry for her that shows your deep understanding of her personal style while expressing passion, care, and devotion. Consider a one-of-a-kind necklace to show that your loved one is your one and only and you appreciate her unique attributes and stand-alone personality.


Finally, it’s a good idea to consider some sort of symbolism in your jewelry gifts. Jewelry is such a fun way to send a message and tell someone how you feel that if you overlook this aspect, you’re missing out! Here are some messages you might consider sending with your jewelry gift:


Of course, choosing a jewelry gift is about more than these few considerations. Yes, you need to think about the person your gift will adorn and their tastes and preferences. You need to consider your relationship, the occasion, and more. But other factors are equally important as you shop for anniversary jewelry.

First, make sure that the piece you are purchasing is of good quality and reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. You want something that will stand the test of time, just like the relationship you’re celebrating.

Next, think about your metal and gemstone choices. Some people have a preferred metal that they wear all the time. Others like to mix and match. Don’t purchase an emerald necklace for someone who doesn’t like the color green, and avoid rose gold for the recipient who exclusively wears white gold jewelry. You should also look into the meanings behind various gems and metals. For instance, ruby jewelry is often representative of love, while emeralds were once known as the gemstone of the goddess of hope.

Finally, any unique or personal touches you can add will only make the gift that much more special. Consider having the piece engraved or choosing a design with a deeply personal message. Consider something that has symbolism relating to your first date or another special moment in your life together. A favored gift is inclusion of your kids’ names via an engraving. The more thought you put into your gift, the more it shows you value the relationship.


If you haven’t been paying attention to your loved one’s jewelry tastes, you may now have a challenge. Even the most observant gift giver may need to do a little espionage to pick the right ring size. How do you find out your partner’s preferences without ruining the surprise? If you live together, this is very simple. If you don’t live together, you might have to get a bit sneakier to gain unsupervised access. 

Take a peek into their jewelry collection while they’re not around and think about which pieces they wear most. Measure any rings they currently own and wear, and as a fallback, choose a ring which can be resized or exchanged for the correct size. In any case, Ylang 23’s Concierge service can assist. Take note of color, metal, and gemstone preferences, along with style choices and other preferences. 

Next, consider ways to personalize the jewelry and the gift. You may purchase something that references a special moment the two of you shared. Put together a charm necklace with several designer charms representing your special someone’s favorite things. Or do something as straightforward as engraving your anniversary date on the inside of a ring or the back of a pendant.

Be sure to add a heartfelt message to your jewelry gift. If you’re also giving a card, write something meaningful about your relationship inside. If not, consider enclosing a love letter or some other special message that will tell your loved one how much you value and appreciate them. This is the perfect time to get as sappy as you please and pour out your love for your partner!


First-Year Anniversary Jewelry

The first anniversary is considered the paper anniversary. Most people choose to get pretty creative with this. You might purchase tickets to a big event or write your loved one a love letter or poem. Another way to interpret this is that the message is more meaningful than the paper itself. A personalized piece of jewelry is an amazing way to memorialize a significant message, date, or initials that can be cherished for years to come.

5-Year Anniversary Jewelry

The fifth anniversary is the wood anniversary. It is also represented by sapphires or pink tourmaline. There are plenty of fun ways to present these two concepts together. Consider a stunning pair of sapphire earrings presented in a hand-carved jewelry box or a pink tourmaline pendant with a custom-engraved wooden gift box. 

10-Year Anniversary Jewelry

The 10 year anniversary is represented by tin, aluminum, or diamonds all of which symbolize longevity. There is no better way to commemorate a special anniversary than with diamonds. A beautiful diamond bracelet is an excellent option that is sure to delight. A new diamond band that pairs perfectly with the engagement ring and wedding band is another meaningful gift that will be worn for years to come.

25th-Anniversary Jewelry

The 25th anniversary is the silver anniversary, representing the value of a long-term relationship. You can also represent this year with any silver-tone jewelry, such as white gold. By this time in your relationship, a romantic getaway is probably the perfect gift. Perhaps revisit the place you spent your honeymoon or book tickets for your fantasy destination. Present your partner with white gold jewelry they can wear on your trip. 

30th-Anniversary Jewelry 

The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearls, symbolizing honesty and wisdom. Many couples also plan dates that involve water in some way for this anniversary. Buy your sweetheart a beautiful pearl necklace with or without diamonds and take a romantic (and private) sunset cruise for a celebration you won’t soon forget.

40th-Anniversary Jewelry

The 40th anniversary is symbolized by rubies, meant to bring the burning flame of passion to mind. Consider a wine tasting featuring your favorite reds, a hot air balloon ride, and some stunning ruby jewelry. 

50th-Anniversary Jewelry

The 50th anniversary is called the golden jubilee, and it stands for prosperity and lifelong love. The celebration should always be special — it’s truly an occasion to celebrate! Most couples choose to have a large anniversary party, bringing together their extended family and long-time friends in celebration. Give gifts of gold jewelry and other golden items to represent the milestone.

Types of Anniversary Gifts & Jewelry


Jewelry is always a good anniversary gift, no matter the recipient. You’ll find that there are perfect jewelry pieces out there for any person’s style and taste. You may be surprised to find that there are meanings behind different types of jewelry:

  • Traditionally, necklaces symbolize protection and devotion to your partner.

  • Because they come in a pair, earrings symbolize living together or couplehood.

  • Rings are a symbol of commitment — that’s why we exchange rings at a wedding!

  • Bracelets symbolize relationships and friendship, which is why friendship bracelets are so popular for kids.

Designer Pieces

When you’re looking for a jewelry gift that really shows you care, consider designer jewelry. When you purchase luxury designer jewelry, you can be sure you’re getting quality pieces that will last a lifetime. You’ll also find some of the most stunning and fashionable pieces on the market, carefully curated by designers with an eye for blending metal and gemstones to create wearable artwork. 


Accessorizing is a fun way to change an outfit and make it special. When you accessorize with jewelry, you add a touch of sparkle to your look. Whether you pick a serious piece with classic styling or something more modern and fun, you can be sure it will catch the eye and the attention of all who see you. This is one of the many reasons jewelry makes such a wonderful gift. It’s like saying your recipient deserves a spotlight!

Personalized Anniversary Jewelry & Gifts

Some of the best gifts are the most personal. Anyone can go out and purchase a bouquet of red roses, a scented candle, or a box of chocolates, but at this point, such gifts are almost cliché. When you take the time to personalize a gift, it makes the whole experience that much more special and meaningful. 

When you’re looking for a personalized gift, jewelry is the perfect way to go. It’s incredibly easy to have a necklace, ring, earrings, or bracelet personalized. Most jewelry lends itself to engraving, and if not, you can always add an engravable charm or accent. Engrave initials, a meaningful date, or a message of love, and your recipient will always have a meaningful memory of your care and devotion.

Concierge Services

At Ylang 23, we want all of your jewelry dreams to come true. Because of our commitment to the personal touch, we offer concierge services at our Dallas flagship store. We can help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one, and if there isn’t anything in stock, we even offer custom jewelry design services. Our experts are at your service, and we want to help you create a perfect gift for your upcoming anniversary.

Does your partner have pieces of jewelry sitting in their jewelry box that they no longer wear? We can help rework them into a piece they will wear again! At times, metals lose their shine, gemstones need a bit of polish, clasps and chains break, and fittings become loose. When your favorite pieces lose their sparkle or begin to show their age, we’re happy to help. Bring them to us for professional jewelry cleaning and repair, and they’ll be like new again in no time. 

Joanne’s Thoughts & Recommendations

Joanne has been helping with anniversary gifts for decades and not only knows many of the couples, but knows what the recipient’s personal collection is so that a gift is additive and not duplicated. 

Totally throwing the milestone guide out the window, Joanne knows that a beautiful piece of jewelry, most notably with a message, gemstones or diamonds is sure to thrill. 

Some of her favorite gift suggestions include designers she personally collects and wears including Cathy Waterman because Cathy is a romantic and her jewelry stands the test of time. Cathy Waterman’s gold is 22 karat and she also works in platinum.

Joanne also wears and recommends Suzanne Kalan for diamonds, as Suzanne uses baguette diamonds in all of her designs and there is a wide price range from $700 for a simple ring band to $25,000 and beyond tennis necklaces and bracelets.

Favorite suggestions also include Foundrae which has a wide selection of meanings from Strength and Resilience to Dream and Protection. The price range for Foundrae is also wide, from a charm to a complete necklace with charms on a beautifully detailed chain. 

For a gemstone gift which really impresses, Joanne suggests Irene Neuwirth who incorporates the most beautiful stones into unique settings. Current favorites are Irene’s carved flowers and gemmy gem earrings.

There are so many ways to express feelings and Ylang 23 has a stable of designers who are dedicated to love and luck, including Retrouvai, Lito Fine Jewelry (evil eyes) , Sydney Evan (love and evil eye pieces), and Jennifer Meyer (hearts and love).

Joanne is never at a loss in recommending the perfect anniversary gift in the desired price range which is sure to make a hero out of the giver.

When celebrating an anniversary, it’s hard to go wrong with luxury designer jewelry. Choose the perfect gift by carefully considering your recipient, the occasion, and the hidden meanings behind various types of jewelry. Personalize it with a meaningful message or engraving to make the gift extra special. Pair this delightful gift with an unforgettable and romantic experience to remind your partner why they fell in love in the first place.

Whether online or at our boutique in Dallas, Ylang23 has stunning jewelry that will delight and inspire, and our team has been providing top-end service and care for more than 35 years. Trust us with your anniversary gift selection. We love to help our clients and customers choose the perfect piece!