The World of Jennifer Meyer

Ylang 23 Owner Joanne Teichman with Designer Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer’s happiness is infectious. Balancing roles of wife (to actor Tobey Maguire), mother (to kids Ruby and Otis), and CFDA award winning jewelry designer, she surrounds herself with those she loves and quite frankly, we are happy to be part of her world.

To think it all started with a leaf, which is still on fire a decade later. Jen was frustrated by not finding what she wanted and just made her own. That first piece, made famous by Jennifer Aniston who wore it in her movie The Breakup and signifying “turning over a new leaf,” led Jen to create her own jewelry collection which specializes in lucky charms like the now iconic Wishbone, Elephant, Four-Leaf Clover and more recently Eyes, which we swear bounce bad karma back to the source.

Ylang 23 owner Joanne Teichman has had the pleasure of many visits with Jen, both inside and out of her studio. What strikes Joanne the most is Jen’s complete sense of gratitude, for her family, friends, good health and business success. While outsiders may think that it has come easy to this Hollywood child of privilege, those closest to Jen Meyer know her incredible work ethic, sense of curiosity and flow of ideas. Oh, and that laugh. It comes often and from so deep inside a beautiful soul.

It may have been a surprise to Jen, but not to us that she was named a runner up to the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2012, netting not only a cash prize but also mentoring by Diane von Furstenberg. Not content to rest on her laurels, Jen dug in deep and created an explosion of designs including the use of pave, trillion and baguette diamonds, all of which were immediately snapped up by her followers.

It was not an easy task to get Jen Meyer on a plane to Dallas for an appearance this Spring, but it happened and was a magical trip. Jen’s Dallas fans are too many to count, and they showed up—dozens for an invitation-only house party, a select group of clients and press for a rooftop seated dinner where Tobey made a surprise appearance over dessert (we just love how he dotes on her!), and the next day at our new store where she insisted on take-out lunch so that she would not miss a visitor. Tobey stopped in to see Jen in action and to see her beautiful jewelry cases, and we all smiled over a child with Spider-man slippers turning up for the show. Instagram addicts Jen and Joanne were snapping away!

Jennifer Meyer’s name is synonymous with celebrity clients, but truth be told, they are long time personal friends. That inner circle includes Courtney Cox who put Jen’s Turtle on the map in Cougar Town and who we ran into at a Malibu restaurant (she is beautiful!) and Nicole Ritchie and Rachel Zoe who serve with Jen on a favorite non-profit helping Mothers and their children (Baby2Baby). Jen’s jewelry is everywhere and seen every day in the press (and every day on Joanne, who treasures her Nameplate Necklace engraved with her kids Alysa and Jake and her Mother’s Day gift from her kids, a custom made diamond ‘Mammy’).

What is a typical day for Jen Meyer? It’s get up early and stay up late! From carpooling to a school field trip to hanging at home, to the beach, a concert, Lakers game or a recent trip to Disneyland, and of course spending tons of time at her beautiful new Studio designing and running her growing business, there is no typical day. Just happiness in the moment and always on the move. That’s Jen Meyer for you.

Jewelry Designer Jennifer Meyer