Discover Raw & Rustic Diamonds

Rustic diamond designs from Cathy Waterman and Todd Reed

Move over cut, clarity and conformity—rustic diamonds are taking love to a new dimension. These multi-hued and sparkling, yet earthy creations of nature have taken the bridal market by storm, and as Ylang 23 Owner Joanne Teichman often quotes: “Alternative is the new traditional.”

Today’s brides are looking for anything but a cookie-cutter wedding, and that extends to alternative ceremonies, gowns, destinations, and commitment rings. For those no longer interested in investing in traditional diamonds, rustic and raw diamonds have drawn a huge fan base, not only for their expression of individuality but for their beauty which includes natural flaws and inclusions which some see as representative of life itself.

Cathy Waterman and Todd Reed are lead designers incorporating rustic diamonds featured in Ylang 23’s ‘The Ring Bar’.

Ylang 23 was the first to debut Cathy Waterman’s “Wild Love” collection in 2010, a breakthrough collection of rustic diamonds in pale to intense hues—bordering on fireworks—in an explosion of new intricate settings, many in dramatic blackened finishes. The very unusual rustic diamond engagement ring given by Stephen Moyer to Oscar-winner Anna Paquin garnered national attention to Cathy Waterman’s new rustic collection. Today, Joanne personally hand picks the newest one-of-a-kind rustic diamond pieces which Cathy has created in her Santa Monica Studio.

Designer Todd Reed is regarded by the Jewelry Industry as the leading expert in rough diamonds, having introduced raw and uncut diamonds to contemporary jewelry in 1992. Each piece is created from start to finish in his design studio in Boulder, Colorado and starts with Todd’s love and understanding of the stone and a sketch.

What is the difference between raw and rustic diamonds? Unlike raw diamonds which are never altered, rustics can be cut in a number of shapes and with a myriad of facet possibilities. Many beautiful rustic diamonds are rose cut, a diamond cut introduced the middle of the 16th century in Antwerp. The rose, or rosette as it was called, consisted of triangular facets arranged in a symmetrical radiating pattern, but with the bottom of the stone left flat—essentially a crown without a pavilion.

While Cathy Waterman and Todd Reed take different approaches to how they design alternative rustic and raw diamond bridal rings, their common ground is their love of each couple’s love story, and how to honor that love. Ylang 23’s team of experts has helped numerous brides and prospective grooms realize their dream rings by working closely with Cathy and Todd through the stone selection and design process.

The color palettes of raw and rustic diamonds are as extensive and exciting as Mother Nature herself. From pale sheers to yellows, pinks, greys, blacks and fiery reds, the rustic and raw diamonds from Cathy Waterman, Todd Reed and other Ylang 23 designers are just waiting to meet their love match.

Raw and Rustic Diamonds