Sharon Khazzam

Ceecee Drop Earrings

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These stunning one-of-a-kind drop earrings from Sharon Khazzam are a masterpiece. Each ear drop begins with a yellow diamond-encrusted ear wire, suspending a vertical collection of stones directly below. These gemstones in order, are: green tourmaline flower, green tourmaline square cabochon green tourmaline and a final drop of a bi-colored tourmaline.

  • Handcrafted in 18-karat yellow gold.
  • Detailed in tourmaline, chrome diopside, and diamonds.
  • Tourmaline totals 23.05 carats.
  • Chrome Diopside totals 0.64 carats.
  • Diamond totals 0.14 carats.
  • Measure 3-in. long.
  • Finished with diamond-encrusted ear wires.
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