How much is it to get pierced? 

A 30 minute appointment is $40 for the client’s first piercing, and $20 for each subsequent piercing. Jewelry changeouts are $20. If you loved your service with our piercer, we encourage you to tip generously! 

How old do I have to be to get pierced? 

Minors can get pierced at 16 if accompanied by a parent. Please make sure your parent brings an ID and that you have a state ID and birth certificate.

Can I get pierced with my own jewelry? 

We only pierce with jewelry appropriate for healing piercings that you’ve purchased with us. All jewelry is sterilized at the store at the beginning of your appointment. 

How do you pierce? 

We pierce with a hollow needle, which makes room for new jewelry with ease. For those wondering why we don’t pierce with a gun, they force a blunt jewelry end through your tissue and cause trauma, leading to a higher probability of infection as well as improperly placed piercings. 

Do you numb the ear before piercing? 

Numbing cream constricts the tissue which leads to crooked piercings. When numbed, we cannot guarantee the quality or placement of the piercing due to distorted tissue. If you are too nervous about the pain of a piercing to consider completing it without numbing cream, we recommend waiting until you’re ready. 

Can you use any jewelry in any piercing?

It depends on your anatomy and what part of your body you want pierced. We want to make sure you are pierced with the proper jewelry that is conducive to healing smoothly and pain-free. 

What piercings do you provide?

We do all ear piercings except for industrials. Due to Covid-19, we cannot provide any piercings under the mask. 

How high is the risk of infection after a piercing?

A fresh piercing is an open wound which always has some risk of getting infected. As long as you're taking care of the piercing and cleaning it often, then the risk of infection is quite low. Avoid touching or sleeping on your piercing to prevent infection. 

My piercing keeps acting up… why?

Several factors that can prolong the healing process. Catching your piercing on masks, hair, brushes etc. can be a contributing factor. Also, be careful not to sleep on or touch your fresh piercing!

What do you clean a new piercing with?

You should use saline solution to clean your fresh piercing. We recommend NeilMed, which allows you to spray new piercings without touching them. Do not use the following on a fresh piercing: alcohol, bactine, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, soaps, or tea tree oil (so basically anything that’s not saline!). 

I am pregnant and I would like to get a piercing. Is it safe for me to get pierced?

It is against Texas state law to pierce pregnant women. 

Can jewelry be exchanged?

Any jewelry that you have been pierced with is final sale. We are happy to exchange jewelry after 7 days of purchase if you have not yet been pierced. 

Can I bring my friends? 

You may bring a friend to watch you get pierced in the entryway of the piercing area, but unfortunately due to Covid-19, only the piercer and person getting pierced can enter the room to maintain safe social distancing.